The Great Soft Play Debate

An article written for the fantastic Little Tigers Magazine. Little Tigers is a print magazine providing information and inspiration to parents, grandparents and carers of children aged 0-11. It is dedicated exclusively to families and organisations in Northeast Cheshire and South Manchester. Continue reading The Great Soft Play Debate

Co-Sleeping With Two

Realistically, how are we gonna co-sleep with a squishy new born and a psychotic toddler? (Pregnancy announcement right there) If you’ve read any of my previous blogs about co-sleeping or living with a toddler that struggles (understatement of the year) to sleep then you’ll know we have had difficult, on-going issues. This has led us to delirium more than a few times but it has … Continue reading Co-Sleeping With Two

Chinese Burns and Swinging Chandeliers

I have a weakness. One that causes me a lot of distress. I’m pretty good at covering it up I think. I mean, I’m only passive aggressive when I don’t get it about 70% of the time. The rest, I’ll get pissed or clean the bathroom, cook some veggie burgers, basically, find anything I can do with my hands that lessens the internal, constant, chatter … Continue reading Chinese Burns and Swinging Chandeliers

To Co-Sleep Or Not To Co-Sleep?

Co-sleeping’s been a nightmare. Co-sleeping’s been amazing. Both these statements are true. Let’s deal with the nightmare situation of having a fat, wriggling lunatic crying for the majority of the night between you and your beloved. It’s frustrating. A passion killer. It’s not what I signed up for. I’m not saying the only reason I got married was for sexy time but it’s definitely top … Continue reading To Co-Sleep Or Not To Co-Sleep?

Misdiagnoses and Me

Five months before my son was born I experienced what my wife Claire describes as “An episode.” For two weeks, I suffered from the most severe case of dehydration, blurred vision, loss of appetite, weight loss, frequent urination, (putting it mildly) and my personal favourite way to go insane, sleep deprivation. My immediate and unqualified self-diagnose was I had a bug and it would soon … Continue reading Misdiagnoses and Me